What our clients have to say...

“Extraordinary service and insights geared to the individual investor. Advise that’s pre-emptive and proactive and so on the money – in a manner of speaking – I repeatedly recommend Arpad’s talents to friends and even strangers who’ll listen.”

~ Deirdre K. (Client since 2005)​

“Arpad gets to know what your goals are about retirement. Even your interests outside of work. He is very personable and easy to talk to just about anything, I have all the confidence in the world in his experience and knowledge with dealing in investments.”

~ Jennifer B. (Client since 2010)​

“Arpad is a great combination of being personable and professional. He knows his products and business. He was highly recommended to me by a close friend and I am grateful for her introduction. I feel totally confident that anything he advises is in my best interests.”

~ Ruth M. (Client since 2018)​

“Arpad provides frequent updates and guidance on my investments especially when the markets are going through major fluctuations. I feel very confident that Arpad is looking after my best interests financially.”

~ Carol A. (Client since 2011)​

“My experience working with Arpad has been an amazing one. I know he’s always keeping an eye on my investments and personally he has taken the time to get to know me and my family. I always feel like I’m meeting a trusted friend when we get together.”

~ Anja K. (Client since 2004)​

“Arpad is a great financial advisor who has a dynamic ability to take care of his clients.”

~ Linh P. (Client since 2008)​

“I feel comfortable talking to Arpad.  I trust him to act in my best interest.”

~ Mary Ellen P. (Client since 2018)​

“Arpad has proven to me that he is a true professional at what he does, and I can summarize his approach as friendly, knowledgeable and highly informative.  After consulting with Arpad, I rebooted my investment portfolio under his financial advice.  I can say that year over year, there has been a consistent and progressive ROI.”

~ Grant S. (Client since 2007)​

“I have 100% confidence in Arpad’s management of my investments.  His experience, understanding and intuition of financial markets has been a very positive and a great peace of mind.  I always feel informed and encouraged to grow… which I have both financially and as a valued client.”

~ Lucia D. (Client since 2010)​

“Arpad understands my needs and goals and investment style so very personalized. Explains things well for me to understand. Trustworthy. Smart. Understands the past, current and future markets.”

~ Jenn N. (Client since 2012)

“My mind is at rest, as I trust Arpad at Northern Lights Capital to manage my investments. Arpad, has always been open and forthright about the financial advice he has given me. Also his knowledge and experience in working with financial markets, provides me with very good advice.”

~ Renuka T. (Client since 2008)

“I feel relieved that you are handling my investments. From the very first, I like that you listened to my concerns and answered my questions and never made me feel like they were silly questions or concerns.”

~ Barb A. (Client since 2016)

“Very comfortable. Great at explaining the ins and outs. A pleasure.”

~ Lino M. (Client since 2014)

“100% satisfied. Extremely helpful. You always answer my emails promptly and have helped me many times, for which I am grateful.”

~ Frances C. (Client since 2018)

“Arpad always makes sure that you have the information you need when you need it to make good investment choices.”

~ Ryan G. (Client since 2013)

Serving clients in the GTA and across Ontario

illuminate@northernlightscapital.ca | 416-498-1900

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Serving clients in the GTA and across Ontario

illuminate@northernlightscapital.ca | 416-498-1900

©2020 Northern Lights Capital